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We've Sold $ Millions Via Emails!
Q: Would you trust your business to be run by someone who has no experience?
So, why would you trust your email marketing to someone who has never made a single $ via an email?

SendReach was built by email marketers to help with their needs to market their products and services. Collectively their email marketing experience has seen millions of dollars in sales.

So, when you're talking to anyone at SendReach you know you're talking to a person that's been there and done it and not just talking theory.

We live, breathe, and sleep email marketing. It's our bread and butter.
A Safe Haven For Internet Marketers
Q: Are you an IM who wants to get your accounts closed or get blacklisted?
Well, unfortunately, we hear about it practically every day. You see many other email services are closing down internet marketers accounts because they don’t want them anymore.

They built their business on your backs and now that they’re getting local business paying them fortunes to send very few emails (which they love) they’re now getting rid of the very people – you – the very individuals who built the foundations of their business for them.

SendReach is fast becoming a safe haven for IM’s as all the doors are starting to close for them to send out their emails. Did you know that many of the “big names” now have it in their T&Cs that you cannot send any emails with affiliate marketing in them?

So if you’re an IM, we love you. Why? Because so are we?
No Luke, I Am Your Father!
Q: Would you like to have someone who knows the dark side of email marketing working for you and keeping your emails inboxing?
Damm right, you would! Our core team of developers is headed up by our founder who was one of the leading dark email marketers around. He's now turned gamekeeper and putting that deep expertise to work for you.

He is your guardian angel guarding your reputation and sender scores, keeping the SendReach service clean and making sure your emails get delivered in the right way. These are your most precious credentials when sending emails, so they need to be cared for and guarded for you.
Be Busy Earning Not Learning
Q: Do you want to waste your valuable time wrestling to learn a new service only to give up or get an "expert' in to do it?
No, you don't! SendReach has been designed to keep the complicated stuff behind the scenes yet gives you the freedom to do sophisticated email marketing using a simple "tick's N click's" workflow.

Setting up your first email is child's play (it has to be because we use it) and let's face it your time is best spent running your business NOT spending long hours getting more and more frustrated trying to work out how to send your marketing emails.

CAN-SPAM compliant

Unsubscribe link and Physical Address added automatically.

Unlimited email lists

As many Subscriber Lists as you want.

Unlimited List Custom Fields

Add as many Custom Fields as you wish.

Unlimited list segments

Segment Lists based on any subscriber record field.

Segmentation unlimited levels

Maybe City, State, Age, Gender and has Opened etc.

List Filtering based on ANY field

Or as many fields as you may need.

Unlimited campaigns

Campaigns can be programed as far ahead as you wish.

Email Template Gallery

Range of ready made easy to use templates.

Drag & Drop Email Template Builder

Easily create your own unique Email Templates.

CSS inliner and parser

Forces your emails to display campaigns as intended.

Email and template testing

Send exact replica to any email address.

Import your own Lists

No limits on importing existing Lists

Import checked in-house blacklist

Invalid or blacklisted emails automatically removed.

Import with remote DNSBL checks

Checked against SpamHaus and SpamCop.

Automated Sending Domain Verification

SPF and DKIM DNS Records automatically verified.

Embed list optin forms

Automatically generated HTML Optin Form code.

Single/Double Optin for lists

Set Single or Double Optin for each List.

100% Customizable Forms & Emails

Edit and/or translate all system communications.

Auto subscribe by sending an email

People can email your list and auto subscribed.

Facebook one click optin buttons

Clickable FB Buttons add FB Email Address to the List.

One click optins from Facebook post

Get new subscribers directly from your Facebook Page.

Social Media Demographic Data

Age and Gender auto added when using FB Optin.

City, State, Country added on all Optins

Auto added from subscriber IP Address geo-location.

Use RSS/JSON feeds in campaigns

Pull live data into campaigns from a variety of sources,

Mail to only Opens or Unopens

Target mailouts based on previous subscriber actions.

Auto move opens to new list

Create Lists based on previous subscriber actions.

Track unlimited clickable links

Track every click, which link, which subscriber, time/date.

Mail to only previous Clicks

Send an offer to those who looked but did not buy.

Auto move clicks to new list

Moving subscribers from a Prospects to a Customer List.

Only export clean email addresses

Export ignores Unsubscribed and Blacklisted addresses.

Export with remote DNSBL checks

Addresses are checked against the biggest DNSBLs.

High Bounce Rate protection

Mailouts are stopped if Hard Bounces are excessively high.

Hard Bounces added to blacklist

Email address with two Hard Bounces auto blacklisted.

Attachments for your campaigns

Attachments are allowed - but beware of Spam Filters.

True Restful API with SDK Client

Documented API facilitates for the technically minded.

API with many 3rd party Applications

Gets new subscribers sourced from other Applications.

Integration HTML Optin Form code

Many 3rd party services take Basic HTML Optin Form Code.

Country and translation support

Select from English, French, Spanish or Portuguese.

Detailed Campaign Stats

Detailed Stats assist in fine tuning your Campaigns.

Export Campaign Stats

Allows for further external analysis.
Marketing Needs To Be Fun
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